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MS Health Professions

The graph below illustrates the relationship between average annual wage and employment rates among various health professions in Mississippi. To get started, adjust the following options in the upper right corner:
• Under the ”Color” drop down menu, select Unique Colors.
• Under the “Size” drop down menu, select Employment.
You are now in control of an “interactive motion chart” that maps healthcare professions and average salaries from 2000 to 2012. To put the chart into motion, press play to see how these relationships have changed


If you wish to “trail” the path of a certain profession, click on the respective profession at any time.
To view the data in the form of a bar chart or line graph, click the respective tab in the upper right corner. When selecting the bar chart, select the Y variable “Order: Average Annual Wage”.
This data is provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Last updated: 8/24/2015