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The purpose of this special collection of web pages, maps and spreadsheets is to identify the top counties in the state with the greatest healthcare infrastructure needs using a variety of measures.  Mississippi has a diverse population and different populations have different health care needs. For example, simply measuring the number of primary health care providers there are in a community can mask a critical need if there are no pediatricians to care for the children or no Obstetrics and Gynecology to serve women. No single measure can adequately reflect the healthcare needs of various populations in the state.  Thus, we have collected and calculated a number of rates and measures of access to health care and the areas with the greatest healthcare infrastructure need in the state of Mississippi. We intend to update the tables, maps and spreadsheets as new statistics and licensure data become available.

We, the authors of this website, invite you to explore the contents and the links provided. The authors and contributors to this website include: Ronald E. Cossman, Ph.D., Philip Mason, Ph.D., Nathan Rosenberg, J.D., Ashlee Bennett, Alicia Krey, M.A., Megan Stubbs, B.A., and Brianna Turgeon, B.A.

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Data Maps

Methodologies for Measuring Healthcare Infrastructure Needs

Health Professional Shortage Areas Defined and Summarized

Programs Using HPSA Designation 

Comparison of Different Healthcare Profession Measures


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